Trouble with Commitment

I’ve been having trouble committing to my frames, images, and hanging things that will add that personal touch to our home.  Can you tell from the pile on the floor?


I have pictures I like… and I have frames.  So why can’t I just put them in place?  The pile leaning against the wall are all new and the pile on the floor are years old that Jake and I just pulled from a box in the basement while cleaning the other weekend.  I may paint some of those frames to change the color and others I may leave as is.

I do all sorts of things to try to visualize my spaces and see what’s going to work.  I can’t help myself and end up creating a 3D model of all the spaces in my house just so I can play with furniture layout, decor and materials and make changes virtually before I commit.  Sometimes I just have vision in my head and I just need to see it.  I modeled my master bedroom weeks ago so I can see if I would like frames on a couple of walls.Bedroom


It’s not exact sometimes, but it gives me an idea of what I’m looking at.  And yet I’m still not sure and don’t hang anything! We have a lot of great photos from our wedding and the honeymoon, but now I don’t know that I want all wedding photos all around the house.  I’m blaming my complete indecision and lack of inspiration on the four years in the condo that was furnished and decorated very generically in order to sell it.  Now I can’t seem to commit to placing images in other spaces!

DSCN1126 DSCN1294

I’ve had this sideways lighthouse hanging above the sofa for over a year!


I seem to have no problem with art.  It’s just pictures.  Admittedly that space with the lighthouse has been reserved for a wedding or an engagement photo.  And yes, I reserved it for that well before jake even proposed!  The day has arrived though, and I have finally committed to a photograph!  Ok, 3 photographs!

When I bought my first wedding dress at David’s Bridal (I changed my mind 11 weeks before the wedding and bought a new one! Story for another time…), they gave me all sorts of coupons to Shutterfly.  I already have a Shutterfly account so this was great!  I print most of my own photos at home on my Epson printer, but anything over 8×10 I do have to order.  So we chose 3 of our wedding photos in 11×14 to order from Shutterfly and swap out periodically in that premier space over the sofa.  We have about 3,000 images to choose from but our final choices were:

2012_MichelleJacobWedding_Nov3-0398 2012_MichelleJacobWedding_Nov3-1184 2012_MichelleJacobWedding_Nov3-1084 (2)

With the $20 off coupon from Davids, that made this order about $10 with shipping and handling.  I’ve got about 5 more of these coupon cards, so I’ll have to come up with more photo projects soon so I can use them!  This still doesn’t solve my dilemma for the other spaces in our home, but I’m glad to have made a decision and moved forward on at least one of them!  I’ll update the post once the pics come in and I get them in place!

How about you guys – every have trouble finding the right spots for your beloved photos?  Ever model a space in 3D so you can see what it would look like?

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  1. But I love the sideways lighthouse! Which one are you going with in the living room?? Love the 3D layout of your bedroom…wish I could do that!

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