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After we chose our venue and had the date settled, we worked on getting our wedding website set up so we could reference it on our Save-the-Dates.  In order to do so, we had to settle on a sort of “theme” for our wedding as well.  I mean, who doesn’t like a theme party??  80’s night? Disco Party? Mexican Mondays?  You’ve got to have a theme!  Our theme, as cliché as it might be, was “Love Birds“.  But who’s really surprised by this???

For setting up the wedding website, we had a number of choices and would’ve made it painless and easy if we had just used The Knot or Wedding Wire or something like that to set one up.  I’m never one to take the painless approach, however, when I know I have the opportunity to customize things the way I want them!  I was a devote follower of Wedding Bee while I was planning and one of the bloggers there mentioned a site called that allows you to create your own websites with the option of a purchase to get your own url.  I explored it a little bit and I was sold!

Wix Main Page

We were given a fantastic photo of the signature boathouse in Rockport by one of Jake’s colleagues and we used that as our home page.  Wix really makes everything easy to set up and once you play around and get the feel you can create different pages, links, add your own pictures, music, a slide show and everything.


welcome page

We added pages for our location, accommodations, directions, our registry and even a guest book so people could leave us notes if they wished.LocationAbout Area

We added a little “Fun Facts” section as well.  Rockport, MA was actually the location for filming The Proposal with Sondra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds and Betty White!  The Alaskan scenery was added after the fact.funfactsa

All in all, using Wix was very easy and we got the customized website we were looking for.  If I had to give it a thumbs down for anything it would be the Guest Book function.  I couldn’t figure out how to get an email notification when someone posted a comment, but maybe I was just missing something.  I really did like it a lot, though!  I even used it to create slide shows with music for my sisters and my niece to ask them to be in my wedding party!

Have you ever created a website? Have any tips to share? Any fun facts to post up would be great to hear as well!

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