Vincent and Vino…

Vincent Van Gogh, that is!  My mom’s birthday was last month and for the gal who’s got it all, what better than a little quality time with her lovely daughters???  A friend at work has told me about these wine and paint night she’s gone to and they sounded really fun!  A little vino, a little paint.. yes, please!  So we looked and found one locally near my mom and decided to give her a night out as a gift.

I made a little card in Photoshop by combining two images I found on the web and used filtering to blend them together.  Then I had some fun with fonts and laid out what we were going to be doing.


There were about 20 people at the event so it was nice and small.  Different art students / instructors walk around and tell you what to do next or help you figure out what the heck you are doing.  We got settled in and were ready to go!  Sue and Monique grabbed one table together.


You got to watch out for those two….   🙂  Mom and I settled across from them and we were all set to go!


That night’s painting was a bit of a challenge, but hey, we had wine so we were ready, right?  We were supposed to paint this:


And while photos along the way were difficult to capture with a paint brush in one hand and wine glass in the other, I did try to get a few shots while we were channeling our inner Picasso’s…

DSCN1256 DSCN1257 DSCN1259

For full disclosure, here is my painting.  My mom and Sue were brave enough to paint the bench, but after struggling with the light “orbs” I passed!


Maybe I can blame it on the wine?  🙂  Either way, it was a really fun night and we got these great self-created, er, masterpieces as keeps sakes!


Here are some of the other paintings that were done.  There was some talent in the room!

DSCN1270DSCN1271 DSCN1272 DSCN1273

Well, I don’t think I can quit my day-job just yet, but I will say that my husband thought my painting was fantastic!  He even hung it up for me.


Yup.  That’s our basement!  🙂

Ever go to a wine and paint night?  Hopefully you were more successful and found a real hidden talent!  I’ll stick to painting walls! 

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  1. Love the story and our end results weren’t so bad either for a bunch of amateurs. What a great night! Many thanks to my exceptionally wonderful daughters. We will do this again.

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