Adventures in Bathrooming (Finale!)

Yes, yes, it’s about time!  Woops! (Part 1 located here and Part 2 here if you want to refresh) 🙂  We finally did wrap up the bathroom renovation for the most part! As a reminder, here’s our before:


And our 98.5% completed bathroom:


We like it soooo much better!  The shower curtain is from West Elm and the bath mats I picked up at Homegoods on a quick trip through.  We love the way it elongates the room even a bit more. The new mirror we picked up at Homegoods as well and painted over the previously gold finish with our glossy black trim paint.


The inset panel on the medicine cabinet door was previously a mirror.  Since there was quite a bit of thickness and a bevel to the mirror that was inset in this frame, I thought the easiest thing to do would be to recover the mirror with something white to lighten up that wall.  So I covered the mirror with a white decorative paper and put it up in place.



While this looks good as it is now, I know it’s not going to last.  I must have had a brain freeze for a bit to think that paper in a place that get’s moisture is a good idea.  I’ll have to swap it out for some decorative fabric or something at some point, but the paper is holding up relatively well right now despite the steam from showers.


As a reminder, the new lighting is from Home Depot; the cabinet hardware and Rosie the new faucet are from Lowes.  So far so good!  I’d say we’re 98.5% there because I still have a few things on my list as far as accessories go:

  • New towels
  • Fill those cute jars with soaps and/or different types of sponges
  • Hang something decorative and colorful
  • Switch door hardware to oil rubbed bronze

The spot where we could use some color is across from the shower.  So when you get out you’re not just looking at an empty wall, but I’m loving the wall color so I can wait a bit to find the right things to put here:


All in all though, we love it and are super happy that over all between the insulation, tub surround, paint, accessories, new hardware, lighting, and faucets we managed to spend less than $500.  Not bad for a few weeks of upgrading!  Thankfully we had those gift cards from our wedding that helped out as well! Here she is again:


How about you?  And bathroom or small space / small budget upgrades?  Pick up any neat accessories over the weekend?

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