Friends on Friday: Framing Whitey…(not that Whitey!)

Happy Friday!  I’m throwing in a new feature on the blog – “Friends on Friday” featuring a guest post from someone else, if they so wish, and I’ll happily feature it on my blog!  Today’s post is by my lovely and talented sister, Monique Allaire.  Enjoy!

Framing Whitey…(not that Whitey!)

I am happy to say that soon I will become a work from home woman. Yahoo! Although there are enormous benefits (Lululemon pants!!), I’m sad to be losing some perks of a professionally supported office building…including the floor-to-ceiling whiteboard wall that I just love!

I’m a whiteboard thinker – I make lists, cross things out (so satisfying, right?!), erase the lists, redo them, makes notes and on and on. The whiteboard keeps me organized (well, fairly organized). So in my 70 year old new-to-me house, I looked into installing a sizeable whiteboard in my new home office.

After pricing out a whiteboard online from an office supply store, I learned you can easily spend upwards of $150 on smallish board, and the weight of them can require some serious anchors in your walls! Certain there was a better solution out there, I continued my online search and came across a product called Melamine. Melamine is fiberboard sheet that has a hard plastic-like coating on one side that has the same features as a dry erase board. Conveniently, they are sold at your local Home Depot and Lowes, and the best part…one 4’x8’ sheet is only $11.98!

The sheets are a standard size, but the kind folks at HD or Lowes will cut it to down to whatever size you like, so be sure to know precisely the dimensions you want! I got my sheet cut down to 44” x 55” and they gave me the remaining section to take home (great for a finished basement or kid’s room). (Sometimes the sheets are textured to look like tile, which would be good if you wanted to make a whiteboard calendar. Otherwise, stick to the sheet with a smooth finish since it erases easier and looks better once you’ve written on it.)


Since the melamine sheet is fiberboard, the edges can splinter when cut. A border is a great way to hide those ugly edges. I could have installed a wood border using liquid nails to avoid holes, but instead I chose burlap (love it!) and it’s a good durable fabric.  I opted to frame the board in 2” wide off-white burlap ribbon. This was an easy find on Etsy and 10 yards came in around $8. (If you go this route, be sure to get stitched-sided ribbon otherwise the sides unravel very quickly on you.)  To secure the ribbon to the board, I used double-sided permanent tape as rubber cement or glue might show through the burlap.

WB SuppliesUsing a ruler, I drew a 1” border on the board whiteboard side up, so I could apply 1” of the 2” wide ribbon to the front and fold over 1” to the back. After I lined the inside of the border with double-sided tape, I cut lengths of ribbon for each side being sure to include a little extra for folding over to hide those corners.


Starting in one corner, I patted down the ribbon using the pencil line as my marker. This way I knew I’d have a nice straight, even border. I did the opposite edge of the board and then the remaining two short sides. This way, the ribbons on the corners fold over the same and you’ve got the same look all the way around. Once done, I flipped the board over and lined the back edges of it with more double-sided tape. Then I folded over the excess ribbon and secured it to the back of the board.  Now for the hangin’ (still no mob-Whitey pun intended, I promise)!

WB 2

I was not up for adding any holes and liquid nails can damage your drywall since it’s pretty permanent. I went the super easy, drywall-friendly route and picked up some Command 3M Damage-Free Hangers. Your walls will love you for this, trust me! (And if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself quickly using them all over the house for other stuff!)

WB Supplies 2

Following the instructions on the back of the package, I put one medium hanger set in each corner of the board. Then I just peeled off the 2nd green stickers, held Whitey up and stuck him to the wall where I wanted him. The beauty of the Command hangers is that they act like Velcro, so if the board isn’t perfectly level when you first put it up it’s a cinch to adjust. You can peel it off the wall from the bottom up, adjust it and stick it back onto the clips. The finished product saved my walls from any undue harm and my organizational efforts are back in action…and all for less than $30!!

WB 3WB 4

The finished product saved my walls from any undue harm and my organizational efforts are back in action…and all for less than $30!!

Hope you like it! ~Monique.

So what do you guys think?? Easy, right?  And looks great too!  I think Monique will have to be back to spill the beans about that door-turned-desk though!  🙂  Happy Friday!

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