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I saw these awesome lacquer boxes at West Elm and really really loved them.  They’re so shiny and have great pops of color.  I thought they’d be great replacements for my current jewelry box and allow me to weed out some of the things I have that I just don’t wear or who’ve lost their matching partner.


I thought the large box in navy and the small box in orange would look great on my bureau.  I didn’t want to spend the $60 on both of them, though, so went for my own solution.  I logged over to Ebay and purchased a couple of wooden cigar boxes in 2 different sizes for a total of $10. A couple of different colors of craft paint and Martha’s High Gloss finish and I was ready to go.


I painted the larger box the navy blue color I was looking for and the smaller box I decided on yellow, simply because it’s what we had around. (I took these photos with my phone, sorry!)


Each box got about 3 coats to cover the way I wanted and then I had a nicely painted piece.


Martha Stewart’s High Gloss Finish was just what I needed to add a little shine to these.  It’s super easy apply – each box was covered in less than 2 minutes and I put on 3 coats on each after a bit of drying time.



Now I had 2 nice boxes, but the insides were still wooden and unfinished.  Oh, I left these boxes open after I got them for a few weeks to air them out and wiped down the insides with white vinegar to get rid of the cigar smell.  Late tip, but it worked!  So for the unfinished insides I headed to my scrap fabric collection.  I though about purchasing some white velvet or felt to line them like real jewelry boxes, but really wanted to use what I had on hand.  So I chose a brown patterned fabric for the yellow box and a yellowy-green fabric for the blue box.


Using a spray adhesive, I sprayed the side bottoms of the boxes and put the fabric inside. Afterwards I trimmed the fabric and folded the edges in more a cleaner look and adhered the sides using the spray adhesive the same way I did the bottom.


The polka-dot fabric above was just used to protect my desktop from any errant spraying.  The spray adhesive is super sticky and quite hard to remove! The finished products aren’t perfect, but most of my daily wear jewelry is held in a cute little ceramic dish with a bird on it that my husband got me for my last birthday, so these boxes were really just for extras – necklaces, pins, and things like that.


All in all they achieve the desired effect and I didn’t spend +$60 to get there, so I’m a happy camper!

Update:  I never posted a picture of them in place, so here it is.  I really need to commit to some art for the walls soon!


Do any crafting or repurposing of your own this weekend? Have any unique spots to store your jewelry? 

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