Cracklin’ Rosie

In terms of blooming roses, our brassy-gold faucet is not!  It was functional and didn’t leak,  but none-the-less it had to go!  No offence to all you brass-lovers out there, but it just ain’t our thang.


 So, shopping we went!  There’s a lot of different price points for faucets for both bath and kitchen.  There’s the ones out there that can run you a little over a hundred and then there’s the ones that can be 3 or 400 beans.  Not surprisingly we were aiming to stay below $150.  When we were first out looking, we were at Lowes and had seen this model by Moen called Boardwalk.  facuet

Nothing too crazy about it – very classic, classy and structured.  I liked that the spout was almost square looking and really adore the squareness to the bases.  What can I say? It’s hip to be square.  We also really liked this faucet because it reminded us of the Kohler toilet we have our eye on…


Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin.  But, hey, that’s what happens when you buy a house- you go from ogling shoes to ogling toilets, faucets, and light fixtures!  Well, I still ogle shoes.  But it’s mostly all-looky, no-buyey these days!  Anyway, back to the duo, we loved how the capital on the toilet tank sort of was mimicked in that fixture by Moen and they kind of “got” each other.

But after we installed Miss. Magnificent light fixture, we started thinking another direction.  It might be nice to get something with more height and a little more on the modern side to match the style of that fixture. You know, those goose-neck type fixtures?  Well, with inspiration struck we headed out again to our favorite Lowes and decided on Rosetta by American Standard.


We like Rosie for a number of reasons.  She had the gooseneck height we were looking for, was brushed nickel like our Pottery Barn towel holders, and she had a little bit of that capital style on her handles and the end of the nozzle.  Most importantly, though, American Standard faucets come with a lifetime warranty.  Lifetime.  Seriously, that’s great customer service and support if any piece ever busted or a leak sprang up.  Plus, she was in our price range – ringing in at $134 on clearance!  Since we’re a ways away from saving for the new commode, we went with the faucet and left paying only $34 after using another one of those handy wedding gift-cards (seriously, how great are gift cards for new home owners!?!?)!

So, it’s time to install it… this is a truly inglorious task.  It’s awkward, it’s uncomfortable, it’s a confined space… but in the end you’ll be really happy with your result!  I swear!  Of course my glorious husband took the awkward and uncomfortable spot under the sink while I hung out and harrassed helped however I could.


Our faucet was stuck on there quite good!  Lucky for us, our counter wasn’t adhered to the top of our vanity and only held in place by the faucet, so we were able to take the whole thing down and get a little more leverage with the rusted nuts holding the whole thing together.  I of course miss taking pictures since I was harrassing helping, but Katie Bower over at Bower Power Blog has a good step by step on how to remove the faucets and what they did to beat the rusty-bolt situation.  As for us, Jake looked like this most of the time:


Oh yeah, you’re getting a little belly shot there too!  Woot! Woot!  My Hubs sure does look sexy when he’s tackling home reno projects!!  Who’s a lucky gal!  Now, that I’ve made things uncomfortable how about a look at the uncomfortable view in putting this together?


We’re just lucky we had a vanity with no center rail to work around!  The new faucet went in so easy! The parts are mostly plastic now (did I mention the Lifetime Warranty?) and easy to handle.  The kits basically provide you with everything you need and we didn’t even need a plumbing wrench to install the new one, so you can use the tools you have on hand.

It’s time to meet Rosie!


Ooo!!!  And look at Rosie when the water is running!!!


Soo much better!  I’d say Rosie is quite a looker and balances the modern, traditional, and compliments the light fixture quite nicely!  Lights on:


Lights out!


“Uh-huh!  Flash! Flash! Flash!”  Sorry, J. Geils Band! I couldn’t help myself, but I had to get Cracklin’ Rosie out of my head!!!  🙂

So what do you think? Did we make a good choice? How do you choose your fixtures?  Any commodes stealing the show in your bathrooms?  Have a favorite J.Geils band song you shot out while in the shower? How about Neil Diamond?


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