You Light up my Life

…or my bathroom!  🙂  That’s right, before we reveal our bathroom makeover finished shots, let’s talk fixtures of the lighting variety, shall we?

Jake and I are probably what you’d call cautious shoppers.  We go, we look, we buy nothing, and then we think about it over and over again.  Then we change our minds, we go, we look, and we buy nothing.  This can happen for weeks until something sticks.   It’s not that we’re afraid to make the wrong decision, but we certainly want to be sure that we’re making the right one and that we’re both happy with it.

So when it came to lighting, we’ve been discussing different types of fixtures for probably a year now!  We’ve gone through Lowes, LampsPlus, Shades of Light, Overstock, etc.  We looked at a lot.  Some of favorites were these below and they kept evolving as we were nailing down the style for the bathroom. LightOptions

A. Brushed Nickle & Shaded light – more traditional in style and very classy, but we weren’t sure it was quite “us” – modern but traditional.  Also at $150, it was still well above what we wanted to spend.

B. Possini Euro Emmitt Light at – Modern and sleek, but pricing in at $199, it was way over budget!

C. Springfield Linen Shade – pretty, but sorta reminded us of candlesticks and we weren’t sure it would be bright enough for the entire space.

D.  Modern Spear Bath Light – I love this – reminds me of a Candace Olsen fixture and it just so elegant.  Again, though, we weren’t sure it was quite the look we were going for in this space and represented both of us.

Then we found it… the light that was just meant for us!  Put on the shelves and created to just to match our exact sense of style!


Isn’t it awesome!?!  We love the dark nickel color, the restoration look of the fresnel glass and how it sorta had an old-meets-new feeling to it.  Bad news was the price tag…$165.  Way. Over. Budget.  Now, I know I haven’t mentioned yet, what our budget was and that’s probably because it was loosely defined.  We want to get something we really like, and it it was honestly worth the money, we would get it.  However, 165 beans is a lot to swallow!

Then, the miracle or miracles occurred one day…described only as what one online shopper to another would truly understand.  I decided to search frantically casually through Pinterest to see what other inspiration I could gather to get my sorry, sad mind off of this new fixture we loved when I came across it… Our fixture in a single sconce version!  And miracle of miracles, the pin worked and was linked properly to a website! (I hate it when the pins don’t work!)  As I sat waiting for the page to load and praying hoping this single solitary scones had a triple fixture sister,  the site that popped up was none other than….

Home Depot

Seriously??? Yes… I was shocked!  Why hadn’t I looked there before??  Why didn’t I know they had such an attractive offering of lighting??  Not only did the have the triple-fixture-sister I longed for, but the PRICE!  This beloved fixture was none other than $94.97!!!!  Anxiously I checked their inventory, and yes, there were 2 fixture available at our store!!!  We were so excited we nearly ran to the store that night to pick it up afraid that someone else would nab it!  What’s more, we had a couple of gift cards hanging out from our wedding and decided to use one, so this baby was FREE for us!  We happily carried her home and once installed have “oohed” and “ahhed” at her ever since.  She’s a thing of beauty and captures both our senses of style perfectly!

New Light

Here’s another shot and sneak peek of the newly painted mirror in place (warning: bright photo following:)


Certainly lights up our bathroom and we’re loving this new light of our life!

What about you?  Shopping for any fixtures?  Find any that light up your life? Or light your fire?

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