Adventures in Bathroom-ing (Part 2)

So you saw how we got to where we are here, but we didn’t want to stop there!  We felt it was just the right time to make some changes to some things that were irking us:

  1. The vanity & bath cabinet – we were not so crazy about the color.  Or the ugly brass light fixture and matching brassy faucet.  Or this really odd top to the whole cabinet.  (My apologies!  Being new to blogging I’m learning how important it is to take before pictures!  Take my word for it… it was ugly…)
  2.  The floor tile – it’s this pinky beige color that has swirls of grey in it.  Our wall color choice (to get rid of the minty green) was a beige color which just pulled out the pink more than the grey.  It was started to get to me.
  3. The countertop – the beige-y countertop was irking us as well.  It’s a synthetic material that just seems to grip stains or any marking and refuses to let them go!

As a refresher here’s where we started:


We’re trying to do this on a limited budget and although we didn’t like the color of the vanity, its solid wood, dovetail drawers, and made in the grand ol’ USA, so we decided to paint it instead of throwing it away or donating it.  We just jumped right in and removed all the doors and drawers and the medicine cabinet from the wall after turning off the power and disconnecting the light fixture.  Check out that sexy brass faucet… jealous, right?


Jake tackled painting the remainder of our drywall ceiling with some leftover ceiling paint we had, while I sanded the vanity and spackled the walls.


Although it would have been great to re-stain the vanity a dark walnut, painting was really the easiest way to go.  We choose to use Gliddens No Drip Extra High Gloss in Darkest Black, which you can get at Home Depot.  This product is certainly not a low VOC product, but we had some left over from painting a door in our house and really liked how it goes on so smooth and the finish is really really glossy.  Just be sure to apply it in a well ventilated area and even wear a mask if that makes you more comfortable.


We painted the drawers doors and the frame of a new mirror we picked up in the adjacent guest room.


While one set was drying we applied a second coat to the other sets and vice-versa.  This high gloss paint does have a long dry time however, so we switched out the outlets and light switches with fresh new while ones while we waited and got ready to paint the walls.  We choose to go with a color we already owned to save some dough yet again and picked Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams.  We have this color in our bedroom and it’s just so soft and nice.  We thought it would be light enough to keep the room open and airy, but also would help pull out the grey in the floor tile that we much prefered over the pinky-beige color.  It looks really nice next to the black vanity too.  Check out that high glossy sassy-ness!


And if any of you are wondering how Jake feels about renos, well, catch a look at my crazy husband!


He’s trooper though and always right there with me! New light fixture, faucet, and finishing touches coming up!

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