Adventures in Bathroom-ing (Part 1)

Remember that movie, Adventures in Babysitting?  Yeah, the post title’s my play on that.  Come on, Elisabeth Shue was awesome in that and seriously, have you seen her on CSI recently? She’s hardly aged!  I could be so lucky!  Here’s one of my favorite parts of the movie, for all you 80’s lovers our there:  Singing the Blues

Anyway, this post is about the bathroom.  We’ve recently tackled our full bathroom in a little mini-renovation that started more out of necessity than out of our desire to make it more aesthetically pleasing.  We have 2 exterior walls around our bath itself (the 3rd wall is in a small closet), one of which contains plumbing.


Water lines + 5 degree windy New England weather does not for happy plumbing make if the walls aren’t insulated properly.  Our winter was so mild last year, but we did have a cold spell that froze the bathtub/shower pipes once.  You’ll know your pipes are frozen if you start turning the water on and nothing comes out.  That’s pretty much it!  We made it through last winter with only that one issue and mitigating with space heaters in-between but this year, it had to be fixed.  We weren’t gambling with burst pipes!

This is where we started – when we first moved in we painted over that terrible minty green toothpaste wall color, so it wasn’t quite so bad to start off with.


I was getting really tired of the brown ceiling so I painted it white one weekend.  2 coats of primer and 3 coats of white semi-gloss trim paint!

Ceiling Painting

My dear dad came down to help us out yet again with the next part, and we proceeded to remove the existing tub surrounds and see what we had in the wall.  I think most surprising was what we found behind the second wall panel we tackled! Tile!!!

Wall Tile

There was a whole built out wall with tile behind it!  Lord only knows what this bathroom looked like originally!  I can’t make sense of it! It was much more of an undertaking than we were looking for to remove the tile, etc, so we stuffed the wall with insulation and boarded it all back up just as it was!

Insulation Board

On day 2 of this one day project, the wall panels went up and we held them in place with a little added security while the adhesive took hold.


We would have LOVED to tile this area with white subway tile, but time, necessity and our wallets just won’t let us right now.  The new wall panels will get us through quite a few years and we can come back around to that prospect when we get some other projects under our belt.

Wait until you see what else we did to freshen the space up though!  Coming up!  Stay tuned!



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