“S” Marks the Spot

This weekend was all about crafts.  I painted, I glossed, I shopped for new ideas and even went thrifting for a chance to take part in John and Sherry’s Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge! (more on what I bought / transformed later).  But before I get there, I wanted to tackle a simple project to put a little personalization to our built-ins.

I love the look of the personalized letter plaques that you see in either Ballard Design or Pottery Barn.  The just add these rustic and yet meaningful little tweak to a shelf or a wall.  Like some of these:

Ballard Ballard2

I really didn’t want to break the bank on this little project (some of these are $70!!) so I headed down to my Joanne’s and picked up our personalized letter, “S” in the paper mache section.  I had a coupon, so got this at a super reasonable price of $1.99.  These are so basic you can do almost anything with them like paint them any color, find a decorative paper and decoupage them, cover them in fabric or glitter… I almost went the glitter route.  I thought it might be a little “wow” sparkle on the shelves around the fireplace, but I decided to go a simpler route with the look of a metal like the ones I could by instead.

I headed over to Michael’s and picked up some of Martha Stewart’s metallic multi-surface craft paint and decided on Gun-Metal for the shade.  The pewter color was also calling my name, but I liked how this dark grey played off the bricks on the fireplace, but didn’t reach a full black.



Then I just used a 1/2 foam brush and painted on 3-ish coats until it covered the cardboard fully and had the tint I was looking for.  Really, this paint goes on and dries so fast I was twiddling my thumbs between each 2 minute application!  After it dried I did some refreshing and rearranging to the bookshelves and up it went!



The metallic paint has a slight gloss that real metal would and at a fraction of the cost!  All in all this project was very affordable:

  • Paper Mache Letter: $1.99
  • Metallic Paint: $2.12 (I had a 15% off coupon)

Total Cost: $4.11.  Less than $5!!  And the hubs just loves it!  We’re still in that newlywed bliss, having been married for less than 3 months, so he loves that I’m adding all these touches for “Schreib” in the house!  Here’s a shot of that side of the bookcase:


Things are starting to come together on these shelves!  It’s funny how hard collecting “stuff” can be.. I don’t want to pick up just anything and keep striving to find things that have meaning to us.

What were you guys up to this weekend?  Any painting, thrift storing, or crafting?? How do you pick accessories to buy??


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