Face Lift!

One of the very first projects we wanted to do when we moved in was to add a full wall of built-ins in our living room.  The living room has a corner with an odd angle too it and the room is not super huge, but it’s definitely a good enough size for our family of 3 (wife + hubs + dog).  My dad is an amazing contractor and we are so very very lucky to have his help, expertise, and hands around to create things like this for us!

Here’s the before:


Living Room

And to just get right to it… the after (well, from last spring…)

Living Room 2.1

We’re still working on filling the shelves and getting things laid out in good way there, but we just love love love how it all came together.  Since this was a little bigger of a project than our first-time-home-buyers-hands were really willing to tackle, we were definitely ok with my dad working his magic!  There’s plenty else for us to do!  The whole plan started with a small sketch I did of my idea.  No dimensions, just an idea of the layout and we talked the rest of it through.

He started with removing the stone mantle that was there previously so we could build out the wood mantle and a spot for the TV instead. The mantle came out in 2 pieces and now sit as steps in front of our shed in the backyard.  You can also faintly see pencil marks and lines where he laid out the location of the shelves, etc.


Then he started laying out the cabinets for the unit’s foundation. My house was originally built-in 1890, so trust me when I say, not only are the floors not level there is not one wall that is plumb in our house either! We also designed the unit with accent lighting along the upper shelf, so my dad tapped off an existing outlet, wired through the wall to a new switch and brought the power and cable into the top of the unit.

After that, it seemed to come together so quickly (although my dad might not agree with me!).

FP-05 FP-07


My dad fluted all those by hand!


We kept the fireplace a wood burning fireplace for now, but there’s talk of converting it to gas.  We’ll see as time goes on.  I love how the dark grey brick just stands out now, though.  We painted the entire unit our whole house trim color, Alabaster by Sherwin Williams in semi-gloss.  It’s a nice creamy white that works well with all the neutral greys we chose for the walls.  Just to bask at it’s finished glory one more time… ahhhh….

Living Room 2.1

What do you think?  Do you have any tips on filling shelves that you could share?  Have an awesomely contract-y dad that can help make your house amazing too??

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